NCF - Glucomen Areo - Menarini Diagnostics

NFC (Near Field Communication) is an innovative data-transmission system that makes it possible to transfer
the blood glucose results of your GlucoMen® areo onto a smartphone and tablet simply... by bringing them
close together!

Downloading your blood sugar data onto your smartphone and tablet with the NFC system is quick and easy!
Once you have installed the dedicated A. Menarini Diagnostics app you will be able to:

GlucoLog Lite App - Menarini Diagnostics

Instantly view the graphs and statistics of your blood sugar data with the GlucoLog® Lite app
and send them by email to your physician or a person of your trust.


GlucoLog Mobile - app - Menarini Diagnostics

Send and share your results in real time by text message with the GlucoLog® Mobile app.

GlucoMen Areo - Menarini Diagnostics - Initial preparation - Download data

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