CE IVD kits RADI COVID-19 Detection Kit RADI FAST COVID-19 Detection Kit
Targets S gene, RdRp gene S gene, Orf1ab gene, N gene and E gene
Internal control Endogenous (RnaseP) or synthetic Endogenous (RnaseP) or synthetic
Fluorescence channels 3 4
Amplification time 80 min 50 min 
Loading volume 15uL 5uL
Limit of detection 0.66 copies/uL 4.9 copies/uL                                                                
Sample Matrix NP/OP swab   
RNA extraction

Manual kits: Magnetic Bead or Silica column methods copatible with Real Time PCR
Automated solution: Omnia75 and Omnia PRO with STAR BEADS prefilled extraction kit

Approved Thermal cycler BioRad CFX 96, Thermofisher ABI 7500, Tianlong Gentier 96, Roche LighCycler 480



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